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I don't often eat potatoes as they drive my blood sugars up, but when I do I make it worth the extra insulin! Colcannon is an Irish dish of mashed potatoes and cabbage. My version is rich and rustic. COLCANNON: Cut potatoes in half (I used 8 medium-sized) and boil in salted water until "mashable".

Meanwhile, thinly slice half an onion and 1/2 - 1 cabbage depending on the size (and what will fit in your pan). Place butter and a little olive oil in a skillet and cook onion until soft, with a large pinch of salt. Then add in handfuls of cabbage to fill the skillet and sautee with a bit more butter until bright green, but not over-cooked.

Once the potatoes are finished, drain them and mash with salt, pepper, butter and cream to the consistency you like. I leave the skin on as it gives more flavour to the potatoes. You can also add grated cheese to the potatoes if you like (sharp cheddar is nice). Adjust the taste to what you like.

Place the mashed potatoes in a bowl, top with cabbage, a bit more freshly ground pepper and a pat of butter. Serve hot with steamed broccoli and beef or lamb stew.

Enjoy - Nx

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