REVIVE Diabetes Program


The Better Belly Program starts with a one-day workshop to acquaint you with the Program.  We will discuss the importance of gut health on overall wellbeing, the 3 stages of the Program, a goal-setting session to allow you to map out the next 6 weeks and, best of all, you will learn how to make fermented foods , so bring a jar, cutting board and knife.  We will enjoy a gut-healing lunch together as well, so bring your appetite, too!  

Good preparation is the key to success! 

Resources and Support

You will have access to the Better Belly Program Member's Page on this website to allow you to get information, recipes, example menus and other helpful resources.  This will keep you on track through the 3 stages of the Better Belly Program - Getting Prepared, The 21-Day Healthy Gut Reboot Plan an the Re-introduction Phase.

One-on-one Consultation

We will schedule a one-on-one consult prior to the re-introduction phase of the Better Belly Program to see how your traveling and to tailor the Program to suite your individual needs.  This can be done face-to-face in Bega or Candelo, via a live Zoom meeting or, if you are pressed for time, through emails and SMS....whatever works best with your lifestyle.

Cost:  $250 (3 Early Bird Seats for $200)

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