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Creamy Chicken & Mushrooms

This is a quick and yummy low carb, healthy fat recipe, good for everyone, but great for diabetics!

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil Chicken thighs, sliced in half Mushrooms, sliced Butter Garlic cloves x 2, minced Tarragon, chopped Pouring cream Salt & pepper Steamed broccoli

METHOD: Heat olive oil in a heavy-bottom pan. Cook chicken until done, then remove from pan.

Add butter to the pan if their isn't enough fat to cook mushrooms. Add mushrooms and cook until just about finished. Add garlic and finish cooking, just a minute or two.

Turn off heat, add cream and tarragon, stir well to combine.

Add chicken back in and mix. Taste for salt & pepper.

Serve with broccoli or veg of choice.

Enjoy - Nx

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