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Chicken Cordon Blue

INGREDIENTS: chicken breasts or thighs (deboned) - one per person Ham Cheese of choice, Swiss works well Eggs Corn flour or tapioca Almond meal Salt & pepper Olive oil

METHOD: Tenderise the chicken breast/thigh, place a piece of cheese and a slice of ham inside, fold the chicken piece in half and pin with a toothpick to secure.

Beat eggs in a bowl, place corn flour (or flour of choice) in a second bowl, then place almond meal, salt and pepper in a third bowl. Take each chicken piece and roll it in corn flour, then in the egg mixture and finally in the seasoned almond meal.

Heat olive oil in a skillet, then place chicken in the pan and seal both sides, turn heat down, place lid on and cook until chicken is no longer pink (you will need to turn it an additional time).

Remove chicken and serve.

If you want to make a mushroom sauce, throw sliced mushrooms into the pan juices (add butter if you need more fat), sautee until mushrooms are almost finished then add crushed or minced garlic. Turn off heat and add a bit if cream, mix well.

Enjoy - N x

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