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Teacups & Coffeecups

I realised that my day can be defined by a series of coffecups/teacups....first thing in the morning I make cardamom coffee. I'd like to say I drink it for the health benefits of the freshly-ground cardamom, but really, it's an addiction.

Then I move onto dandelion latte to help with liver cleansing.

At morning tea I have either mint or lemon verbena and green tea to increase anti-oxidants.

For lunch or afternoon tea I may have a kefir milk smoothie with spirulina and berries, topped with cacao nibs. This is to support gut health, increase glutathione and detoxification.

Prior to dinner I will have kefir water with digestive bitters to stimulate appetite and prepare my body for its largest meal of the day.

With dinner I have bone broth with turmeric, lemon, salt and pepper to sooth and heal my gut, and for the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.

Then, especially if I am a bit cold as it is still Winter here, I will have fresh ginger tea.

I was doing the washing up last night, a lot of which were cups, and I realised this is my way of packing extra nutrition into my day, by incorporating all these beautiful and nourishing foods into my drinks.

N x

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