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Lunch Ideas

I have to say....we are a bit boring where lunch is concerned. We always have greens, generally in the form of a salad, homemade olives and pickles, cheese and, most of the time, fresh hummus; we also try to use up any bits and pieces left over from other meals - in this case quinoa and chicken strips.

I always make sure we have homemade (paleo, g/f) bread on offer, too.

Keeping lunch simple allows me not to have to put much thought into preparing it, saving time and energy.

A lot of chefs and recipe books have beautiful, but complicated lunch options, I say - keep lunch simple! Have the same thing all week or swap back and forth between two (or three) tasty, healthy lunch options to make life easier.

By doing this you can have lunches already prepared and ready to go with you out the door so you don't get stuck buying something that isn't as good for you (and costs more than homemade).

Other easy lunch options are: Last night's left-overs (of course) Chia bowls Baked veggies with salad Quinoa or brown rice bowls Noodle pots Smoothies Frittata Sweet or savoury yogurt pots

In July, I will post a series of easy lunch options to help inspire you to pack your own lunch.

N x

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