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Rustic Meatballs

I am trying to rely more on what is available here in the garden, preserved in the pantry and freezer and items from food swaps this Winter.

When I opened the fridge there was 1/4kg beef mince, a carrot, some huge green onions (Spring onions) and bits of other veggies; so I decided to roast all the veg except 1/2 the carrot. This I grated and added to the mince along with the spring onions, garlic and fresh herbs.

The result....flavorsome meatballs with lots of chunky veggies. Here's the recipe:

RUSTIC MEATBALLS 1/4kg beef mince (chicken would work well, too) 1 x grated carrot 1 x large spring onion thinly sliced Minced garlic x 2 cloves handful minced fresh herbs (or dried) Salt & pepper to taste Olive oil for the pan

Mix ingredients in a bowl, then make patties of whatever size you like. Heat olive oil in a fry pan. Cook meatballs through. Serve with roasted veggies.

Makes 6 meatballs.

These keep well, so if you have more mince make a bigger batch and use cooked meatballs in lunches, served over a seasonal salad.

Enjoy - N x

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