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Marinated Chicken

Marinating chicken for dinner in lemon juice, olive oil, onions, pepper & salt.

Tonight I will fry it in either ghee or coconut oil; once cooked, I remove it from the pan, turn off the head and add butter, more lemon and capers to deglaze the pan which I then pour over the cooked chicken pieces.

To give a Spanish flavour, add Mexican spice mix (paprika, oregano, chilli, etc.) to the marinade, then saute in olive oil and top with chopped cilantro/coriander and parsley to serve.

There are many other variations you can play around with....

Make sure to cook extra so you have leftovers for lunch the next day - slice and place on top of a green salad (or roasted veggies) with a side of quinoa and top with oil and vinegar.

Enjoy - N x

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