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An Open Conversation About Healing

I want to open a conversation around healing....the journey we go on to achieve wellness and all the emotions, pain, epiphanies, grief, hope and despair we go through along the way.

A friend asked me if I think I will ever reach 'wellness/health' or if it is a path I will be on for the rest of life.

This is a very confronting question for someone who is what we call 'chronically ill' (that's a concept we will come back to later)....I want to reach the end of the journey (wellness), but part of me knows there is no end - being healthy (maybe we need to define this term too) is something you incorporate into your life every day, not an end result as such.

Healing is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It's an opportunity - an opportunity to become more, become your best, develop your Self and bring that into the world. It's an opportunity to connect and share with others in a more meaningful and intimate way....

Maybe we need to come at this notion of healing from a different direction. Maybe we're asking the wrong questions. Maybe we need another perspective on healing/ health/wellness.....

I would love to hear from you - your feelings and thoughts around the journey of healing. Post below so we can open up this important discussion.

N x

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