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Roast Chicken Week

Night 1 – Sunday Roast


  • Roast Chicken (or 2, depending on family size)

  • Roast Vegetables (make extra for Night 2)

  • Gravy (make enough for Night 2 as well)

  • Salad or Cooked Greens (sautéed or steamed – make extra)

Shred extra chicken meat; save dark meat in one container and light meat in the other

Make bone broth with bones and veggie scraps, apple cider vinegar and herbs**

Night 2 – Chicken Pot Pie or Shepard's Pie

Use left-over dark chicken meat, vegetables and gravy from Night 1

Night 3 – Chicken Salad

Use shredded white meat left-over from Night 1 – mix with mayonnaise, etc.

Serve over green salad

Nights 4 & 5 – Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

Roast Pumpkin (and/or sweet potatoes), use stock from Night 1

Serve with bread of choice and steamed /sautéed seasonal vegetables

Night 6 – Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Serve with bread of choice and salad

Other options

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls/Lettuce Cups

Mexican Tortilla Soup

Tomato Soup

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