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Stuffed Breakfast Crepe Topped with Tomato And Fetta Salad

Stuffed Breakfast Crepe topped with Tomato And Fetta Salad.....a great way to get lots of veggies in at breakfast!


2 eggs 1/4 cup almond meal (Per person)

Mix eggs and Almond meal well. Heat non-stick pan with coconut oil and pour in egg mixture. Cook on both sides then remove from heat.


Onion Garlic 6 kale leaves Zucchini Salt and pepper to taste

Chop onion, garlic and kale stems. Add more oil to hot pan (from crepe). Place chopped veggies in pan and cook. Slice zucchini and add to pan. Chop kale leaves and add to pan last. Salt & pepper to taste.


Tomato Basil Salt Fetta Spring (green) onions

Chop all ingredients and mix.

To crepe on plate, put stuffing on half and fold over the other half of the crepe. Top with salad. Serve with avocado and/or olive oil if desired.

When I eat this for breakfast I'm full until late afternoon and I don't need to take much insulin (maybe 1.5 units if I'm sitting at my desk, none if I will be active)!

Enjoy - N x

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