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Superfood Breakfast Frittata

Place coconut oil and chopped Spanish onion in a hot pan and saute. Add sliced zucchini, chopped broccoli and shredded kale, along with turmeric, sea salt and pepper (I also added fermented garlic, onion, chili mix to the veggies). Cook while making egg mixture.

Combine eggs, a bit of milk and crumbled feta together and whisk. Once veggies are cooked pour egg mix on top.

Top with black seeds, coriander/cilantro and sliced green onions. Cook over medium heat with lid on until the sides of the fritatta are cooked. Turn off heat and move pan to oven under a hot grill/broiler to finish cooking the top.

Once top is browned remove from oven. NOTE: you will need to use a pan without any plastic, only metal.

Serve frittata with avocado and your choice of ferments.

Enjoy - N x

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