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Winter Wellness, Part 2 - Ferments

Following on from our previous Winter Wellness post, Bone Broths, here’s the other side of the healthy gut coin…FERMENTS.

Fermenting is the process of preserving food using lactobacilli bacteria, also known as lacto-fermentation. Lactobacilli, found on the surface of fruits and vegetables, convert sugar and starch into lactic acid. Most ferments contain bifidobacteria and multiple other strains as well. When fermented foods are ingested, the gut is populated with these friendly bacteria which out-compete pathogenic bacteria and yeast, like candida. Inoculating the gut with these probiotics will keep it and your immune system healthy and strong.

The process of fermenting vegetables increases their nutritional value as well. B vitamins and choline are increased when vegetables are fermented. Fermented foods are high in enzymes, too, which help break down food more thoroughly.

To learn more download Winter Wellness, Part 2 - Ferments.

Cheers in Good Health-

Nikki x

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