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Low-Carb Picnic

A peaceful picnic by myself...the kids are all back at school, it's just me and the dogs.

Salad today with fermented cabbage and beetroot, sauerkraut, olives, chili pickle (all homemade), avocado and tahini; coconut water to drink.

With very few carbs I didn't need much insulin - just 1.5 units. I started the meal at 4.7mmol and after two hours am at 5.3mmol.

Breakfast (veggie frittata with ferments and Turkish coffee) was the same - only 1.5 units bringing me from 5.2 to 4.4. A grand total of 3 units of insulin so far today (3pm now) AND blood sugar readings very steady and right in the 'normal' range.

Using a low carb diet, it IS possible to keep blood sugars very near normal without feeling deprived.

Cheers - N x

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