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Kefir Water

If you want optimal digestion kefir water is the way to go. It is full of probiotics. These friendly bacteria will populate your gut, out-completing pathogenic bacteria and yeasts, like Candida.

To start you will need to get water kefir crystals from a friend or order online. Once you have them:

Put 1 cup crystals in a litre (quart) glass jar along with 1/2 cup raw sugar, a pinch of bi-carb/baking soda, and half a lemon. Place lid on jar (non-metal) and leave in a cool place for 3 days.

After 3 days, strain liquid through a sieve into another glass jar. Flavor with seasonal fruits, herbs and/or spices, like:

Berries Apple and cinnamon quill Kiwi Raspberry and vanilla Ginger, tumeric and lemon Lime

Place lid on jar and leave in a cool place for an additional 2 days. This will ensure all the sugar is converted to carbon dioxide (that's why it's bubbly) by the bacteria.

After 2 days, pop in the fridge and enjoy!

N x

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