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Essential Oils for Diabetes, Part 2

LEMON *helps decrease fatigue *anti-microbial *releaves anxiety *suppots weight loss

CINNAMON *decreases blood sugar levels

ROSEMARY *protects brain function

PEPPERMINT *increases focus, energy and concentration *relieves muscle pain *anti-viral *helps with nausea, digestion, bloating and reflux

Any of the above oils can be used on the skin in a carrier oil, inhaled using a diffuser or added in small quantities to foods as a supplement.

I have had great success with peppermint for stomach upsets. I also use it on myself and my girls when we need a little pick-me-up (usually the littlest one needs it before school to give her enough focus to get ready and out of the house on time!).

I would love to hear how you use essential oils, too.

Cheers - N x

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