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Milk Alternatives

Carrying on from my last post about lowering carbohydrate intake by swapping high carb ingredients for ones high in fat and protein.......there are nut milks and coconut milk which have less sugar and more fat than cow's milk. Homemade nut milks are easy to make and nutritious.

I tend to use almonds. They are high in vit E, magnesium, fiber/fibre, fat, protein and B vitamins such as biotin. Biotin is used as a coenzyme in gluconeogenesis and fatty acid synthesis.

They can be used as a milk substitute in things like muesli, tea, etc. I do find them a bit thin, so I add coconut milk to my nut milks:

1 cup raw nuts (A drop or two of almond extract if using almonds) Pinch vanilla powder 1 cup coconut milk ( or cream) Water

Put one cup of nuts in enough water to cover and let soak overnight or up to 24 hours. Pour out the water. Put the nuts and about 3 cups of water in the food processor. Process on high for a minute or two. Strain through cheesecloth/muslin (over a strainer). Pour into clean 1 liter/litre jar, making sure to squeeze all the liquid from the cheesecloth. Add flavouring, if using, and coconut milk. Shake well. It may take a few attempts to get it just how you like.

You can use this recipe in cooking or baking, too. I will post a few recipes using milk alternatives soon....

Enjoy - N x

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