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Homemade Yogurt

Another way to decrease your carbs, whether baking, cooking or just eating, is to ferment your milk.

Cow's milk is high in lactose (a sugar), so is goat's milk, but sheep's milk is lower than both. Sheep's milk yogurt is fabulous for savory dishes like curry, but not as pleasant for sweet things like yogurt and fruit.

If you make your own yogurt, let it go for a full 24 hours before putting it in the fridge. By leaving it the bacteria will feed on the lactose, thereby decreasing the amount dramatically.

If you have never made yogurt before you's how:

2 litres/liters fresh milk 4 tablespoons yogurt

Heat milk on gentle until it reaches 80C (use a kitchen thermometer) in a heavy bottom saucepan, then let it cool to 32C (body temperature). Once cool add the yogurt and mix well. Pour into glass container(s). Keep at body temperature for up to 24 hours - to do this I put a hot water bottle or two in an a cooler and wrap towels between the yogurt and the bottles. You can change the water half way through if needed.

Put in fridge to cool. Keeps for a while as long as you treat it well.

Enjoy - N x

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