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Ginger and Lemon Tea

Loving my ginger teas lately - the spiciness of ginger is so warming on cold Winter days.

Ginger is very soothing when you have any digestive upsets, too, and the lemon keeps your vitamin C up. By adding turmeric you get an amazing anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and delicious tea you can drink each day.

I grate or finely dice some ginger and turmeric (4:1 ratio), put into a thermos, pour in hot water, drop in a slice or two of lemon. I take this with me and drink it throughout the day.

If you like you can add green tea leaves or lemon verbena leaves to the tea. Sometimes I make a spicy chai by adding a teaspoon of chai spice to the mix (omit lemon).

Enjoy - N x

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