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Coconut Flour

In my previous post I discussed how a HFLC diet helps to lower blood sugar levels by reducing the carbohydrates in your diet and, therefore, decreases insulin needs.

Decreasing carbs tends to be quite difficult when baking. One way to decrease carbs and increase protein is to substitute coconut flour (meal) for regular, all-purpose flour.

To do this you will need to substitute....

1/3 cup coconut flour 1/3 liquid 1 egg .....all for 1 cup all-purpose flour.

You can use this formula to adjust your favourite recipes or try to find some new ones. There are some fabulous cookbooks out with delicious low carb cakes and desserts.

I posted a Blueberry and Lemon Muffin recipe last week which was such a hit with the kids (and the adults) that uses coconut flour - check it out!

Coconut flour is high in fiber as well, and, of course, gluten-free.

Next I'll discuss how to use nut meals in baking....

Enjoy- N x

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