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Grain-Free Muesli

A glorious Winter's day in Candelo! It's sunny, but cold. So, I've decided to stay indoors and cook.

As I am grain-free, not necessarily by choice, I keep a jar of this muesli in the fridge for quick brekkies.

I use ground nuts, flax seed meal, shredded coconut, chia seeds and whatever nuts and seeds I have in the pantry, mix and viola 'grain-free muesli'.

You can use it as a hot cereal as well. Just heat in a pan with your choice of milk. I like it with homemade almond and coconut milk.

Alternatively, you can use it like Bircher muesli and soak it overnight in your favourite milk along with grated apple and cinnamon (or whatever spices you like).

This muesli can be used to top fruit crumbles. Just heat coconut oil, a sweetener of choice, vanilla and/or cinnamon then mix in the muesli. Place mixture on top of fresh, preserved or stewed fruit and cook until golden in a moderate oven.

So many options....

Enjoy - N x

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