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My little vegetarian, loving her broccoli......

I remember reading a book in high school about "superfoods" which included broccoli. A superfoods list today would look quite different from the one I read in the early 90's, but broccoli would still be on it!!

Here's some of the good things about it: Vit K Vit C Fiber All the B vitamins Trace minerals Chromium Vit E Potassium and the list goes on.....

As a cruciferous vegetable (brassica), broccoli contains sulfur. Alot of emerging research is revealing the importance of these vegetables. Sulfur-rich foods are a major part of The Wahl's diet - developed for people with autoimmune diseases by a doctor with MS.

Sulfur is needed to support glutathione production, something those with autoimmune diseases, like type 1 diabetes, don't do well.

So, eat your broccoli!!

N x

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