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Why Nutrient Density Matters

While I make ferments and broth, I tend to catch-up on podcasts; this weekend I listened to Chris Kresser, from Revolution Health Radio, speak about the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies in the Western world. In the podcast he speaks about choosing foods that are nutrient dense, but also about the obstacles around food density - poor farming practices lead to less nutrient-dense foods and eating processed and ultra-processed foods on a regular basis - these are the two big issues he addresses.

If you have the time to listen this podcast is really great at explaining some of the issues we face with the modern food system. Chris' solution is to get people to eat as well as they can, but also to take supplements to get us over the line. I would argue though, that growing your food if you can or buying from local, preferably organic, farmers is a must. Commercially grown vegetables and grains are heavily sprayed with toxins like glyphosate, especially wheat and potatoes - items many people eat in large quantities.

Something I've noticed about nutrient-dense foods is that they taste so much better than commercially grown foods. I'm sure the great flavour is due to the increased nutrients; basically, your body is telling you , "This is a good thing -eat it!".



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