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The Irish Classic - Colcanon

Colcanon is a real treat for me! I love the combination of onions, cabbage and potatoes with lots of fresh-ground pepper.

To start this dish, I boil poatoes with their skins until the skins start to peel away from the flesh. Then I strain the water off, roughly mash the soft potatoes with some kind of dairy - butter, sour cream or fresh cream and/or grated cheese (whatever I have on-hand), along with salt and pepper. If you don’t want to use dairy you could add homemade bone or vegetable broth instead.

While the potatoes are bioling, I finely slice a couple onions and sautee them in butter until they are almost caramelized; then I add finely-sliced green cabbage (you could also use red or a combination of both). I cook this well, then add a bit of salt and lots of pepper.

To serve, place the mashed potatoes in a bowl and top with the cooked cabbage. You can top this with a scoop of butter which will melt and pool yellow around the edges…yum!

You can erve this with beef or lamb stew, sausages, pork or lamb chops....

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