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A Less Ïnstagram-able" Picture of Life

Thought I would post a less "instagramable" pic of life instead. This is my Friday afternoon kitchen halfway through cleaning up and emptying the shopping baskets. I do my shop on Friday after my morning of Kitchen Garden Program. First I go to the farmer's market in town for any seasonal fruit and veg we don't grow at home, then I'm off to the bulk foods to get dry goods. On Thursday night I consult my grocery list to see how many glass jars, cloth bags and baskets I'll need,then I label the jars to make it easier on myself when I get to the bulk food shop. Back to the chaos of my Friday evening kitchen....there's this morning's dishes I didn't have time to clean, sourdough starters to be fed, kombucha and jun needing to be strained into glass jars and put in the fridge, veggies to go into the fridge, seed potatoes and onions to be planted in the garden, dinner (last-of-the-Autumn-pumpkins pumpkin curry soup) to be heated up and a box of almond meal to be stored which was gifted to me by a lovely friend to say 'thank you' for feeding her and her family after a new baby (and a freshly-opened bottle of sparkling shiraz to drink with my beautiful partner at dinner, maybe a glass now, too, so I can get through the rest of this mess). I know we call this slow living, but really it's a life of jobs-to-be-done. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, quite the opposite. I enjoy creating things, growing and preparing food, mending clothes, etc. I am living my life just as I want it to be, just as it IS.

N x

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