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The Quickest Pumpkin Soup Ever!

Remember earlier in the week I posted about meal prep? I mentioned making stock and roasting extra veggies to use in soups later in the week; well, here's this week's soup....Curried Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Cream. Ingredients: Coconut oil Large onion, chopped Seasoning - Indian or Thai curry paste, kasoundi or other chutney Roasted pumpkin (the flavour of the soup will greatly depend on the quality & variety of your pumpkin) Stock - veg or chicken Coconut cream

Note: amounts will depend on how many people you are feeding; extra can be frozen or stored in the fridge for 4 - 5 days. Method: Place coconut oil in a heavy-bottom pot and heat on med-high. Add onions and allow to cook until golden; add seasoning and cook for another minute or two. Add previously roasted pumpkin and a bit of stock to thin it out (not too much as you will still be adding coconut cream). Turn off heat and puree with a stick blender. Return to heat and add coconut cream. Adjust for thickness and seasoning at this point. Heat through, but don't overheat as the cream with split if it becomes too hot. Turn off heat and serve. Coriander/cilantro leaves are a nice addition on top to serve, along with pumpkin seeds and a little yogurt. It took only 15 minutes for me to prepare the soup on the night (after a big day at work). You could replicate this same idea using roasted cauliflower or carrots or other veg of choice.

Also, you can make this soup vegan if desired - just use veg stock. Enjoy - N x

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