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Sunday Meal Prep

On Sundays we make a huge dinner and several sweets/snacks to get us through the week. Tonight we had Spinach Provencale, Garlicy Chickpeas (I use the chopped stems from the spinach dish in this one), roasted potatoes (to be used for breakfast - Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes with eggs) pork sausage for the non-vegos and roasted sweet potatoes & pumpkin. We also made stock and roasted the rest of the pumpkin to use later in the week - Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Soup.

My daughter made chocolate chip cookies with almond meal and Orange Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting. I decided on Pear & Plum Jam Clafoutis and vanilla chia pudding with the leftover coconut cream. Tomorrow I'll make a tempeh dish with mushrooms, brown rice and steamed veg.

By cooking this way I don't have to cook meals when I get home from work and we have snacks for lunch boxes and bits and pieces for breakfast (because most veg pairs well with scrambled eggs). Hope this helps with meal prep and planning ideas - N x

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