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Staying Organised in the Kitchen

Not a very pretty picture, I know; but, it gives a good illustration of how I stay organised in the kitchen......pancake, tortilla and flatbread dry mixes sandwiched between canned peaches from last year and homemade apple cider vinegar. On the weekend I prepare the dry mixture for various things I want to cook during the week (or things my kids can cook). For example, if I plan on making pancakes for the family on, say, Wednesday morning, I put all the dry ingredients in a container (flour, baking soda, etc.). This way all I have to do on Wednesday is mix in eggs and milk and start cooking. By adding a bit of prep time on Sunday my life is a easier throughout the week. This idea can work for recipes with wet ingredients too, but it takes a bit more planning (and fridge space). I've been thinking a lot lately about how to prepare food ahead of time and plan out meals better. There will be a 'lunch box ideas and how-to' article coming soon to my blog....I'll let you know when it's out. Hope this helps - N

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