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Some useful information regarding magnesium (Mg) storage and diabetes....

Insulin is involved in the mechanism of Mg storage, therefore when you are insulin-resistant you excrete Mg instead of storing it in your cells.

Mg is responsible for muscle relaxation, so if you cannot store Mg, blood vessels will construct causing an increase in blood pressure.

Mg is also required for the production of ATP (your body's energy currency) so if you are low in Mg, ATP production decreases.

Funny enough, Mg is necessary to produce insulin itself. So when your body produces a lot of insulin (to deal with a high-carb diet) you deplete Mg.

Conclusion - make sure your diet has enough magnesium-rich foods like:

Spinach Silverbeet/Swiss chard Almonds Pumpkin seeds/pepitas Black beans/turtle beans Kefir milk Yogurt Raw cacao

If you are diabetic or have insulin resistance it would be a good idea to take a Mg supplement.

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