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Zinc is a metal that we require in our diet. Many chemical reactions in our bodies require zinc. It is required for normal growth and development, as well as immune function.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and assists the liver in detoxification.

Zinc decreases oxidative stress by helping to remove free radicals from your cells.

Zinc assists in the production of sex hormones - testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. It is also required to produce insulin. Many emotional, as well as physical, problems can occur when your hormone levels are off.

Research from a university in Poland suggests that zinc deficiency is "the key factor in development of several neuropsychiatric disorders".....learning and memory disorders, depression and Alzheimer's disease.

A study in the American Journal if Clinical Nutrition found that higher blood levels of zinc was correlated with lower levels of anxiety and depression when individual children were tested.

So, how do you add more zinc into your daily diet? Include these foods:

muscle meats eggs fermented dairy products nuts and seeds mushrooms raw cacao (and chocolate)

......eggs with sauteed mushrooms for breakfast, yogurt topped with nuts with lunch, add some meat to your dinner, and homemade chocolate for desert....yum!

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