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How to Stretch Your Sunday Roast Beef or Pork to Last the Week

It's starting to feel like Autumn which calls for heartier meals like roast pork or beef. This same idea can be used for lamb or venison.....

Night 1 – Sunday Roast


  • Beef or Pork Roast (bone-in)

  • Roasted Vegetables

  • Salad or Cooked Greens (sautéed or steamed)

Shred extra meat

Make bone broth with bones and veggie scraps, apple cider vinegar and herbs

Night 2 - American-Style Shredded Beef/Pork

Make Shredded Rainbow Salad (extra for next two nights)

Mix 1/3 of the shredded meat with BBQ sauce of your choice

Use 1/3 of the shredded Rainbow Salad to make Slaw (use mayonnaise or coleslaw dressing, etc.)

Add some cooked veggies and fermented pickles

Night 3 - Mexican Tacos

Mix ½ of the remaining shredded meat with Mexican sauce or seasoning of your choice

Mix left-over Rainbow Salad with spring onions and fresh coriander/cilantro (reserve ½ for Night 4)

Salsa (tomatoes, onions, chilies, etc.) & Guacamole (avocado, lime, etc.)

Serve with warm corn tortillas and sour cream or mock sour cream

Night 4 - Asian Lettuce Cups with Kelp Noodles and Red Cabbage Salad

Mix ½ of the remaining shredded meat with Asian sauce of your choice

Serve with: Rainbow Salad from Night 3, lettuce leaves, Asian noodles (sweet potato, buckwheat, rice or veggie)

Night 5 –Tomato & Herb Soup

Use stock made on Night 1

Serve with bread of choice and steamed /sautéed seasonal vegetables

Night 6 – Other Soup Options

Pea soup, Spanish Chorizo Soup, Mexican Tortilla Soup, etc.

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