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I want to highlight the idea that the foods you eat can either HEAL you or POISON you.

When I first became ill, when my "autoimmune storm" made itself known, there were so many different, random symptoms. A ton of bloodwork was done and I was diagnosed with:

Type 1diabetes Thyroiditis Neutropenia

The thyroiditis cleared of its own accord after six months or so with no intervention .....but I was left with:

severe bowel trouble low energy joint pain mental lethargy slight depression neck pain nightmares low neutrophil (white blood cell) levels

I decided to delve into the scientific literature on patients who present with T1D, thyroid problems, and pointed to atypical pneumonia.

It took six doctors before one agreed to check for was POSITIVE! We cleared the pneumonia and therefore the neutropenia, but all the other symptoms were still there, although the physical and mental lethargy was slightly better.

I had already taken gluten, dairy and soy out of my diet, again with some benefit, but still not well.

I decided to take ALL GRAINS out of my diet to see if things would get better...AND THEY DID!

Every time I would experiment with putting a particular grain back in my diet ALL THE SYMPTOMS WOULD RETURN....and they returned in the same order each time:

1) nightmares the first night 2) severe bowel issues nd lethargy for four days, days 2 & 3 the worst 3) hip and neck pain; week muscles 4) mental distress and depression on days 4 & 5

The same pattern EVERY TIME! And such varied symptoms, none seemed to be connected to the other.

I realise now if I eat grains in any quantity my body invokes a MASSIVE inflammatory response. These inflammatory molecules aggravate old injuries or weak areas in my body.

Grains are my poison! They may not be yours.

My point is foods can either heal your body or cause destruction. This process can start in different ways and can manifest differently in different individuals.

If you suffer from symptoms caused by inflammation, it could be that a food or foods are causing the symptoms.

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