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New Recipe Friday, No. 2 - Asian Lettuce Wraps

Here's this Friday's Diabetic- friendly, Low- Carb Recipe......ASIAN LETTUCE WRAPS:

These are my answer to Rice Paper Rolls. The premise is the same, except you use lettuce to hold all your goodies together instead of high-carb rice paper. Also, here I substitute kelp noodles, with virtually no carbs, for vermicelli noodles.


*grilled chicken breast or thigh *strips of grass-fed beef *grilled prawns/shrimp *egg omelet, cut into strips *temper or tofu, grilled and cut into strips (We had chicken, egg and tempeh as there was a vegetarian and a vegan eating at home that night.)

NEXT, SLICE VEGETABLES OF CHOICE: *carrot *snowpeas *capsicum/bell peppers *cucumber *etc.

MAKE A COLOURFUL SALAD: *thinly sliced purple cabbage *cilantro/coriander *sliced green onion/spring onio *grated beetroot *Vietnamese mint *etc.

Pull apart lettuce leaves. Place kelp noodles in a bowl. Fill lettuce with whatever combination you like. Serve with chili sauce or tamari.

These are quite fun and the whole family enjoys them because they each get to make their own.

When I eat these I take little to no insulin depending on the type of sauce used!

I hope you enjoy them, too! Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

N x

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