Reduce the Carbs on Your Dinner Plate

Right, so I discussed how to reduce carbs when baking, but how do you reduce carbs on your dinner plate? It's so easy to fill your plate with rice, pasta, bread.....

Cauliflower is a great rice, wheat and couscous substitute. You can chop the cauliflower, then put it into the food processor and pulse until it looks like rice. Put it in a pan with oil and saute, voila, rice. You can add herbs and spices or chopped veg as you would with your favourite rice dishes.

You can do the same to substitute for couscous, too. And it works great as tabouli ( preferably raw cauliflower). The cauliflower doesn't have an overwhelming taste so it's the seasoning that matters!

My favourite dish is Mejadra, a rice and lentil dish with fried onions piled on top. I use Ottolengi's recipe from his beautiful cookbook Jerusalem; I keep everything the same except I use cauliflower instead of is ultimate comfort food!

Enjoy - N x

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