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Nourishing Traditions

I love this cookbook! Sally Fallon is a wealth of knowledge about the diets of traditional cultures; and anyway, a woman who subtitles her book: "The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats" wins my respect.

This book is worth having for anyone who follows a HFLC (high fat low carb) diet. She covers the benefits of meat and dairy, how to prepare foods so they are more easily digested such as fermenting, what makessome fats better than others, healthy sweets and so much more.

When my fermenting group gets together we usually prepare recipes from Nourishing Traditions - and there hasn't been one we haven't loved. My personal favourite is her kimchi....I'm addicted!

I realise changing your diet from high carb to low can be a bit of a challenge so in my next few posts I will discuss different ways to decrease your carbohydrates by substituting low carb foods for more traditional high carb ones.....

Talk soon -

N x

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