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I was listening to a professor speak about a book she has just released called Grit. She describe grit as passion and persistence. It's her belief that people who possess this quality are the ones who have the endurance to see things through to the end.

Grit...this is what my grandfather called gumption. In his eyes this is one of the greatest human traits.

As a child I didn't fully appreciate what he was talking about, but now I do. Grit is the thing that drives me...drives me to survive, to thrive, to push boundaries, to reach the top.

Grit is the gift he gave me, as he possessed it fully. I am very lucky to have seen his persistence and passion every day in everything he did....I only hope I am able to inspire others to dig deep in themselves and find their 'grit'.

Remember...persistence and passion WILL get you through- N x

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