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Food is the Foundation of Health

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Functional Nutrition


Functional Nutrition is a science-based, personalised approach to nutrition that treats underlying causes of illness through customised Nutritional Care Plans and Comprehensive Patient Education to restore health. 


I focus on a wellness-centred approach to health.  Viewing health from this perspective shifts away from illness as the focal point and empowers patients to succeed by establishing positive, long-term changes in diet and lifestyle.

Christmas Baking

Holiday Treats Cookbook

Healthier holiday treats and sweets recipes for kids and adults! Order your virtual cookbook now for only $5.....

My Philosophy

Food is the foundation of good health.  Whole foods provide the nutrients and nourishment you need to:

provide you with enough energy to live the life you want

heal your gut

stablise your mood; mental clarity

decrease stress levels and increase enjoyment

restore hormonal balance

promote restful sleep

restore overall health

If you want to heal your body and mind, and restore your health, you must nourish yourself with whole, unprocessed foods.  Basically, if you do not have the building blocks available to regenerate your body's organs and tissues you will not be unable to heal no matter what other treatment you try.  


Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing starts with food!

REVIVE Diabetes Program

Take control of your diabetes


Meet Nikki Wagner

BSc (BioChem) & GradCert Human Nutrition
IICT Member

I grew up with a strong food culture in New Orleans where the moto is "we live to eat, we don't eat to live." 

When deciding what to study at university, I chose biochemistry.  I was fascinated by how the food we eat sustains us.  After having my children I decided to return to graduate school to study nutrition, as I understood it to be the foundation of good health.  


While working on this degree I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, thyroiditis, neutropenia (low white blood cell count) and coeliac disease - an autoimmune storm.  There was an immediate realisation inside me that I was now "eating to live and no longer living to eat."  


I knew I needed to nourish my 'Self' - to eat nutritious food, move my body, develop strong relationships and be Mindful......what I call The Art of Nourishment.


Today I no longer have thyroid issues or neutropenia.  My blood sugar is extremely stable, I almost never have hypoglycemic episodes, I take very little insulin and am not suffering any diabetes-related complications.  

I feel a sense of obligation to reach out to others who are suffering, who are searching for answers and who are looking to improve their quality of life.  I understand what it is to live each day with chronic illness; I also know you can live a full and healthy life by building a strong nutritional foundation. 

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The Better Belly Program

Better gut health in 21 days....


 "Working with Nikki has been a revelation! I was 10 kilos overweight with a dangerously high cholesterol  count, highly activated arthritis and a leaky gut.

She helped me turn my diet around by educating and preparing recipes tailored to my needs.

Nikki supported me when I felt defeated and helped me to keep going. She recommends the most effective supplements to aid recovery. 

I have dropped 10 kilos and kept it off and feel fantastic. I know that I have the best available nutritionist in the shire and she will always be my one stop shop to health.

Thank you for helping me get back into life!"

— Jacqui

"After being on strong antibiotics for a lengthy period Nikki helped and guided me to better gut health, thereby helping my mental and physical health along the way!"

— Esther


NWN Cookbooks are here!

NWN Fermented Vegetables Cookbook

NWN Fermented Drinks Cookbook


Book a Session

Nutrition Consultation

Book a tailored consultation for:

Weight Management

Gastrointestinal Complaints


Anxiety & Depression Symptoms

Food Allergy & Intolerance

Meal Planning

Menu Assessments

Nutrition education will improve your confidence around meal planning, reduce your risk of disease and improve your health.  I am here to support you through current, evidence-based nutrition science.

60 minute appointment, $90

REVIVE Diabetes Consultation

Nutrition is the foundation for successfully managing Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Latent Autoimmune Disease of the Adult (LADA), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other metabolic disorders, including Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome.


By reducing blood sugar levels, inflammation and glycation you can avoid long-term complications.  


Tailored meal planning will help you achieve this.  By learning this skill you will feel more empowered and better equipped to self-manage your condition.

We can work together from anywhere in the world:  face-to-face or online consultations are available.  Contact me to see if REVIVE is right for you.....

60 minute appointment, $90

Better Belly Program Consultation

The Better Belly Program is a 21-day healthy gut reboot plan designed to re-establish friendly gut flora, reduce inflammation, boost immunity and increase energy levels.  This 6-week program will teach you how to establish and maintain a healthy gut by using food as medicine.

We can work together from anywhere in the world:  face-to-face or online consultations are available.

If you would like to discuss your personal situation with me to decide if this Program is best for you, feel free to contact me directly....just send me a message by completing the box below.

60 minute appointment, $90

Follow-up Visit

Follow-up visits allow us to check in and see how you are managing, make any adjustments and discuss long-term goals.


30 minute appointment, $45 

NOTE:  if the times in the online booking system don't work for you, or you want to discuss your situation with me, please feel free to contact me personally.  I will reply as soon as I can....

Get In Touch

8 Wileys Lane, CANDELO

 0448 830 361

NOTE:  Zoom and phone appointments available

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