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NWN 'A Taste of Mexico' Cookbook

Mexican food is probably my most favourite. I grew up with it in my community and in my house. Now, living in Australia, I find it comforting to prepare and enjoy the foods I used to eat in California. I especially enjoy sharing these foods (and recipes) with my friends here.

You can download the NWN A Taste of Mexico e-Cookbook below. In it you'll find my family's favourite recipes - Ruth's Tacos and Chili Verde, as well as traditional recipes for refried beans, salsa and Spanish rice. I've added a few updated recipes too - fermented hot sauce, pineapple salsa and homemade sour cream.

If you are into making your own tortillas at home (I highly recommend it) there is a recipe for that too. And, if you are into chilies, but not sure what's -what, there's a chili guide at the end.

I hope you enjoy making Mexican food at home as much as we do - N x

A Taste of Mexico Cookbook NWN
Download PDF • 489KB

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