• Nikki Wagner

Kiseli Kupus - Croatian Fermented Cabbage

A reader brought this recipe to my attention. Basically, it is a whole fermented head of cabbage with spices. The cabbage pictured here has been fermenting in brine for three months now.

I had some friends over a few weeks ago for a fermenting day and I thought we should try the Kiseli Kupus and it was wonderful!, We used the leaves to wrap other items such as cheeses, fermented mustard, ham, pickles....

I imagine the leaves would be great to wrap shredded or mince/ground meat, raw or cooked vegetables or bean/lentil dishes in. It would pair well with Asian or Mexican dishes, too.


whole cabbage, core removed

brine (as salty as the ocean), enough to cover the whole cabbage

capsicum/red bell pepper, diced

1 head of garlic

2 bay leaves

1 - 2 dried chilies

horseradish or daikon radish, diced


Place cabbage in a glass container, fermenting crock or food-grade plastic bucket and cover with brine. You will need to weigh the cabbage down - I used a clean, large rock. Add other spices and vegetables to the brine, mix well.

Allow the cabbage to ferment for 2 months or so in a cool place. This process may go more quickly in the the warmer months so keep an eye on it.

Enjoy- N x

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