• Nikki Wagner

Kefire Water (a natural soda)

Kefir water is my personal favorite drink; I have several glasses each day!

Kefir water is made in 2 stages - First ferment and second ferment.....

First ferment: Place 1 cup of kefir water crystals/grains in a 1-liter glass jar; fill the jar almost full, leave an inch (3cm) or so at the top.

Add 1/4 cup raw organic sugar, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda/bi-carb, 1/2 a lemon and a dried date (optional) to the jar; mix. Place a lid on the jar and store in a temperature-stable place in your house for 5 days (may be faster in warmer weather, slower in cold weather).

Second ferment: Place a funnel over a clean glass jar with a strainer over the top of it (as pictured). Pour the water into the strainer separating the grains. Set the grains aside.

Add flavoring to the kefir water....here are some examples: ginger, lemon, lime, apple & cinnamon, pineapple sage, pineapple pieces, mint, vanilla, strawberry (basil or rhubarb go well with strawberry); play around with flavors, use what you have on-hand, experiment. The only flavor I tried that didn't work was orange, not sure why.

Place a lid on your jar and place on the bench for an additional two days. Once it is bubbly store in the fridge.

Adjust the recipe to the quantity you will need, I make 8 liters per week, as that's what we drink (and we love it!).

As for the grains you set aside...start the whole process over again using those grains. If you have too many (they will multiply), either give them away to friends, feed them to chickens or put them in the compost.

Enjoy - N x

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