• Nikki Wagner

How to Make Kombucha

If you want tp make kombucha (or jun) at home, here's how....

Boil water, add black tea and sugar - I make 4 liters, using 3 tea bags or 3 teaspoons of loose tea leaves and 3/4 cup of sugar.

Let the sweet tea cool, then pour it into a glass jar, add your SCOBY and some of your previous batch of kombucha, about 1/2 cup or so. Place a piece of cheesecloth over the top and secure with a rubber band.

Put jar in a temperature-stable place for about a week or so. Taste the mixture and move onto the next step when you like it and it isn't too sweet. In Summer the process will happen more quickly, in Winter it will slow down.

Next, strain the mixture into jars, separating the SCOBY and reserving some of your mixture for the next batch.

You can flavour the kombucha at this point, adding strawberries and basil or lime, etc. Or, you can simply place the bottles in the fridge and enjoy.

The tea can also be made with green tea and honey for a different flavour.

Enjoy - N x

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