• Nikki Wagner

How to Make Kefir Milk at Home

Kefir milk is one of the most nutritious foods out and it's easy to digest even for those who have trouble with cow's milk. Once the lactose is fermented out of the milk (by the kefir grains) and the bacteria (probiotics) multiply, the milk is converted into something that is much easier to digest with a much higher nutrient value. Here's how to do it....

Take your kefir milk grains and place them in a clean glass jar (a few tablespoons for a liter of milk roughly). Place a piece of cheesecloth over the top and secure it with a rubber band. Let it sit on the bench for 24 hours.

Place a funnel in another clean glass jar and place a strainer over the funnel. Slowly pour the milk and grains into the strainer to separate the grains. Stir with a spoon to make sure all the milk goes down the funnel.

Put a lid on the jar with the fermented kefir milk and store in the fridge. Use in smoothies or drink like you would milk. We love strawberry smoothies best or banana, honey and cinnamon. Play around with flavours, experiment.

(You can also do a second ferment on the kefir milk once the grains are strained out - place a large piece of lemon peel in the milk, cover with cheesecloth and allow to sit on the bench for a few hours. Remove the lemon peel and drink or store in the fridge for alter).

Place the kefir grains in a jar and start the process again. You can store the grains in milk in the fridge if you don't use them everyday.

Not only do I use kefir milk grains to ferment cow's milk, coconut water and coconut milk/cream, but I also culture cow's cream as well to make 'sour cream'.

You can use the cultured cream as you would store-bought sour cream....top Mexican dishes, make creamed corn casserole, put it on potatoes with Spring onions.

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