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Fermented Blueberries

This idea came from NOMA, the Danish restaurant that is famous for its Fermentation Lab. After a few days of fermenting, the berries take on an umami flavour which pairs well with roasted meat dishes. Having said that, you can serve them over fresh lemon yogurt (yogurt, lemon peel, honey and vanilla) and muesli/granola.



good-quality salt

glass jar with a good-fitting lid


Weigh out your blueberries. Figure out what 2% of their weight is - this is how much salt to add. Mix them together well, then put them into your clean glass jar and close the lid. Leave on the bench for 5-7 days, shaking them each day.

Once the berries have released their juices place the jar in the fridge to slow the fermentation process.

Enjoy - Nikki x

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