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Verdurette is the original soup flavouring, but unlike its cousins of today – ultra-processed bouillon cubes or powder – it is made with wholefoods.

Basically, it’s a formula or template to follow and you can create different flavours based on what’s in season and in the fridge at the time (or excess in the garden). Verdurette keeps in the fridge for up to a year as it is preserved in salt (much like capers or olives). Add a small amount to broths, soups, stews or anywhere you want to add flavor and saltiness.

Verdurette make a nice gift to give so make a big batch!


1 part allium – onion family

1 part root vegetables

1 part celery, celeriac (celery root), and/or lovage

1 part fresh herbs and dark green leafy vegetables

1 part sea salt

As an example, last season I used: leeks (allium), carrot (root veg), celery and Swiss chard/silverbeet (greens).


Decide on amount, by weight, to use: chose greens/herbs and weigh them – as they are the lightest of the ingredients they will dictate the weight of the other ingredients (as all are equal in weight, but not necessarily in amount). Weigh out correct amount of other ingredients.

Clean, peal, trim and roughly chop vegetables/herbs. Place all ingredients except salt in your food processor and pulse until minced. It may take several batches depending on the capacity of your processor and the amount you have chosen to make.

Once processed add salt and mix well. Place in glass jars, label with the date and store in the fridge (for up to one year).

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