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Giving Belief Authority

"By choosing to believe something, we breathe our breath into that belief, giving that belief authority."

- Caroline Myss, "Anatomy of the Spirit"

Changing our habits, mindset, behaviours, reactions, starts with changing our underlying beliefs.

Beliefs govern our decisions. If we feed a belief, such as "I'm not good enough", then that belief will have authority over your decision-making. When an opportunity comes up we will pass it because the 'not good enough' belief has been given power.

How do we change our beliefs? Meditation and mindfullness practices can be of great help. Formal meditation allows us the opportunity to deal with emotions/feelings as they come up in a controlled environment.

By learning to manage our emotions in this way we are then better able to deal with strong emotions that come up in our daily lives. When we feel anger, for example, we can identify it and manage through it instead of blindly reacting to it.

When we are aware of our emotions, feelings and reactions we can get to the beliefs that underpin them. We can choose not to breathe life onto the beliefs that do not serve us and we can focus on fostering the beliefs that do.

N x

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