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I want to touch on 3 different things over the next couple posts that can increase your blood sugar (BS) levels and your HbA1c:

Hormone levels Infections Inflammation

First, hormone fluctuations can affect your BS levels, generally speaking.

For example, through a woman's monthly cycle there can be changes in hormone levels that alter insulin sensitivity and a pattern can be seen through every cycle.....perhaps you always require additional insulin just before menses or at ovulation.

Major hormonal changes can also alter insulin requirements, for example menopause and pregnancy.

There are compounds which mimic hormones and if we ingest them our natural hormonal levels will be thrown off. Soy products for example contain phytoestrogens - compounds that act like estrogen in our bodies. If you are sensitive to these estrogen-like molecules they can alter your hormone balance.

Another way hormones can affect you is if your liver, which detoxifies your system, is not functioning well it will not flush out used hormones. These molecules will continue to circulate and cause hormonal disruption.

This is a diverse and complicated subject as there are many hormones interacting within your body, environmental factors, lifestyle factors and bioindividuality at play.

If you suspect a hormonal imbalance could be causing altered BS levels contact me for a chat.

Next I will discuss how infections and inflammation can alter your HbA1c.

Cheers - N x

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