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Essential Oils for Diabetes, Part 1

I have recently been using essential oils for myself and my little girls. It just seemed right to add them to our repertoire of natural remedies.

Essential oils are non-synthetic, highly concentrated plant oils that can have dramatic effects as the molecules are so small they can enter your cells.

Essential oils can be beneficial to diabetics, helping to mitigate some of the side effects we experience.

For example,

LAVENDER: *helps induce relaxation and sleep *reduces anxiety *balances blood sugar *helps wound/burn healing

CEDARWOOD *promotes deep sleep

You can use a diffuser to inhale the oils, add them to a carrier oil such as almond, sesame or jojoba to rub on they skin, or add them to a hot bath. Do a patch test on the skin first to make sure you don't have a reaction and check to see if the oils are suitable as a supplement prior to ingesting them.

I have been using lavender as a relaxant and a natural deodorant for myself. I also like to use it in a foot massage when my children are feeling anxious.

I will post about a few other essential oils over the coming days that I have had good success with.

Cheers - N x

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