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Gulaga National amazing!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of walking this picturesque mountain, 806m (2,644ft).

I am so grateful to be physically able to do this!

When I was diagnosed with Type 1(in ICU with diabetic ketoacidosis) the endocrinologist told me if I went on HFLC diet I wouldn't have enough energy to do the things I wanted to in life.

Lets look at this a little many calories (Cal)/kilojoules (kJ) per gram of macronutrient:

Protein = 4Cal or 17kJ Carbs = 4Cal or 17kJ Fat = 9Cal or 37kJ

Now, do you think there was something wrong with his math?

Before walking up Gulaga I had a breakfast of....

Veggie fritatta cooked in coconut oil Turkish coffee with cream Kimchi

....lots of veg, lots of fat, a good amount of protein and ferments, but no real carbs.

This meal easily got me to the top without a significant change in my blood sugar!

N x

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