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My Path...Continued

Further on from yesterday's post about how I view my disease.....

I am reading an amazing book, 'The Four Fold Path to Healing' by Thomas Cowan, MD, which is very insightful, thoughtful and encouraging.

Dr. Cowan views disease "as the body's attempt at self-correction, or is only when practitioners understand the true nature of human illness that they can make the right treatment decisions. When we work against this wisdom.....the result is failure and misery for the patient. The human body is an incredible wisdom-filled vehicle for the unfolding of the human spirit"

He is making a distinction between treatment and healing. Treatment is only about dealing with the physical body on a very gross level; healing on the other hand is treating the whole Self - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I have only seen the massive changes I have been hoping for- lower blood sugar levels, more energy, no glycation side effects, etc, since I have incorporated a practice into my life that includes diet (LCHF), movement (yoga), mindfulness (meditation) and therapeutics ( homeopathy). This combination works brilliantly for me. My HbA1C is the same as a non-diabetic, my c-peptide is in the normal range, I have energy all day long, my mental clarity is like it has never been before and I no longer have diabetes-related side effects. Best of all I take very little insulin.

This combination my not be exactly right for everyone, but focusing on your whole self, how ever feels right, will lead you down the path to true "healing"!

N x

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